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FIAT Brake Service & Repairs in Jacksonville, FL, Near St. Augustine & Orange Park

Know the warning signs of worn brakes so you can stay safe with FIAT brake service and repairs at FIAT of Orange Park in Jacksonville, FL, close to St. Augustine and Orange Park. The lifetime of your brake system depends on many different things, like how, where, and what you drive. A number of factors, including frequent travel through city traffic, towing and hauling, and aggressive driving, all result in a shorter lifespan for your brakes. When they begin to wear out, it’s imperative that you know the signs so you can stay secure and save money, and there are many different ways you can recognize them. They include:

  • Strange sounds when you slow down
  • Vibrations in the steering wheel
  • A mushy or pulsating brake pedal
  • The vehicle pulls to one side when you brake
  • A hot, burning smell
  • The brake warning light is engaged

Should any of this take place, it’s necessary that you have your brakes serviced right away. Doing so can prevent dangerous accidents and costly repairs. At FIAT of Orange Park, our dedicated automotive technicians will thoroughly inspect your brake system to find out what’s causing problems and get it fixed efficiently and accurately. We’re open Monday through Saturday and you can easily book your next FIAT brake service and repair visit online or over the phone.

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